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AI Class

From the beginning of October 2011 up to mid December, a teacher of Artificial Intelligence of Stanford University, prof. Sebastian Thrun, and the director of Google Research, prof. Peter Norvig, held an online course titled "Introduction to artificial intelligence".

The course was online, so the lessons were delivered as short videos you could watch anytime on the Internet.
Actually you can watch even now all the lessons, starting at the address www.ai-class.com.
During the lessons there were also quiz tests, to check your knowledge, while the evaluation consisted of 8 weekly homeworks, each made but many questions, a midterm exam and a final exam.

To compute the final vote, students could exclude the vote of the worst 2 homeworks, then compute the mean of the remaining 6.
This vote had a weight of 0.3, the same as the one of the midterm, while the final wheighted 0.4.
My results have been the following:

  • I had 6 times 100% on the homeworks and also a 94% and a 90% that I excluded.
  • I had 96% on the midterm exam.
  • I had 97% on the final exam.
All this means that my final vote has been 97.6%.