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Card games

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You find here a collection of applications to play some of the most known card games, expecially those common in Italy.
You do not play against the computer, but against other real players, just like you, each from his own home. No need to install anything, you need only a web browser, and no passwords or personal data are required. You simply select one of the games you want to play, enter your name (or a nickname, no checks are done) and start playing. If there was a sufficient number of players in the game you selected, the game starts immediately, otherwise you will have to wait for others to come in the same game. Thus you can organise yourself with your far relatives or friends, to play in the same game at a certain time. This way you can start quickly.
These programs use a technical cookie, just to remember you between the different moves. The cookie expires at the end of the game or in any case after one hour. If you keep on and play, you accept this behavior.
Well, have fun with Italian card games! In each page you can read the rules of the game.

Available games