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Midterm exam - Question 13


This question was about planning a path.
In the different situations you should answer if the solution was bounded, unbounded or it might fail.
The first term means that you can know in advance what is the maximum time you will employ traveling along the path, until you reach your destination. And of course unbounded means the opposite: you cannot know when you will reach the goal. And with some plan you are even not sure to reach the goal.
By the way, all my answers to this question were correct.

But the most interesting thing about this question has been, for me, the fact that I already knew it. There is a short story to tell you here.
During eighties and nineties I worked at Istat, the italian national institute of statistics, as a computer programmer. It's there that I learnt how to program (beginning with Cobol, mind you...). I switched to another job in 1999, but I remember very well that a day someone entered my room and asked help. Well, I don't remember the year, but it should be in the range 1988-1992 or perhaps even before. This collegue of mine asked for help on answering some quiz. I don't remember almost anything about those quiz, but I remember very well that one quiz was pratically identical to this one! I even had to look on a dictionary to understand what was the meaning of bounded (sorry, no Internet in that age). Other details were also identical (the traffic lights, the flooded road, etc.) so now I am very very curious to know who was already using a quiz like this in the 1985-1992 years. If you know this answer, please let me know.